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Plasma Television

The modern days can be truly called ‘digital age’ as most of the everyday gadgets like TVs, cameras, microwaves, washing machines etc. are all microprocessor based – the tiny devices that store a host of instructions and control the operation of the appliance. The capture of images through camera, transmission and processing of images are all digitalized now. Consumers have widely adapted to miniaturization of the gadgets that digitalization has brought about whether it is digital camera, laptop, cell phone etc. They have come to expect better quality, ease of use, portability and enhanced features. Their older counterparts like the manual camera or the huge computer system or the bulky radio walkie-talkies have all been dumped into history. Everyone prefers to use the technologically advanced high tech models that are more convenient to use. Even children demand buying latest technology gadgets and are at ease using them.

Televisions are no exceptions to the digitalization wave that is sweeping across various industry and plasma televisions have come to replace the old bulky cathode ray tube based TV sets. Better quality TVs are now available everywhere that are increasing the market for TVs with more buyers. The plasma televisions have been the result of years of development of the plasma technology now integrated with digital processing of signals inside the TV. Before buying a plasma television set, the user has to be aware of the pros and cons of the new technology as well as the features that come with the plasma TV. One has to be an informed buyer – knowing the advantages and disadvantages, if any of the new technology. Some of them are discussed in the paragraph below.

The plasma televisions have higher resolution than conventional cathode ray tube TVs, more true to life colors due to the advanced plasma panels and digital signal processing inside the TV. They also have flat screens that eliminate distortions in the image, less strain of viewing on the eyes and thin design saving storage space. The plasma television screen has higher aspect ratio and brightness that is uniform throughout. The plasma panel has tiny picture elements – pixels for short that are equally energized giving the screen uniform brightness. Wider viewing angles, capability to accept wide variety of video inputs, immunity to influence of nearby magnetic fields like loud speakers on picture quality, light in weight etc. are some of the other advantages of plasma televisions.

The plasma TVs are truly a consumer’s delight with superior picture quality, ease of use and handling and enhanced features. Engineers are continuing to improve plasma television technology through research to meet high customer expectations and making it more user friendly with increasing number of features.

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